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How To Stage Your Home While You Live In It

Estate--stagingBy Mikkie Mills

In a study performed by a top real estate agency in the country, it was determined that homes that have been beautifully staged sold for approximately six percent above the asking price on average.
Furthermore, the estimated time on the market was cut in half. In addition, approximately 81 percent of home buyers surveyed in a separate survey stated that it was easier for them to visualize the home as their own when the home was staged.

As powerful as these statistics are, you may be faced with the dilemma of trying to stage the home while continuing to live in it. You understandably want the home to continue to be comfortable for you and your family to live in, but you also need to enjoy the benefits from staging as well. By following a few helpful tips, you can more easily accomplish your goals.

Remove All Signs of Personalization
One of the most important elements in staging a home relates to de-personalizing it. The home buyer should be able to envision himself living in the home based on its design. He should not feel as though he is walking through your home. This means that all photographs of you and your family should be removed. Sports trophies, religions icons, calendars, home movies and more should be removed.
This can take a lot of work to accomplish, and it likely will leave your home looking rather stark or bare. Investing in affordable and non-descript home decorative pieces, such as framed pictures of natural landscapes or flower vases, may help to dress the space up.

Redefine Each Room’s Purpose
Another hallmark of home staging relates to defining the purpose of the room. In many homes, homeowners have taken the liberty to customize the use of space in some rooms based on their needs. For example, a formal living area in the front of the house may currently be used as a kids’ rec room or a home office. Adjusting the use of these spaces back to their original purpose can be burdensome for your family.

Make Use of a Storage Unit
You will likely want to remove some of your belongings from the home. Some individuals will cram their garage full of boxes and furnishings, but this is not ideal. After all, a potential home buyer wants to walk through the garage as well when touring the home. Investing in a storage unit close to your home is a great idea. You will have easy access to your belongings if you need them.

In addition, you can clear away older pieces that look less stylish as well as large pieces, such as a looming china cabinet that makes your dining room appear to be smaller than it is.

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