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A Marvellous Collection of Musings Told from Spain’s Costa Brava

In Daniel Francisco O’Brien-Kelley’s new book, “Cyril and the Spook” (published by AuthorHouse), readers will be enchanted as they eavesdrop on the banter between Cyril, an Oxford professor emeritus, and the Spook, a long-time deep cover agent, also emeritus. Meeting almost daily at Carlos’ mythical, but typical, café, these two “old dudes,” as they describe themselves, talk about almost anything, but their dialogue is always intriguing, topical and highly amusing. These are two intellectuals who would vociferously deny such a pretentious epithet, but who are nevertheless so familiar with literary figures and the Ancients that , as San Francisco journalist Jane Ganahl put it, “they treat them like mates from a local pub”.

This is a fun book, irreverent, at times hilarious and loaded with intellectual thunderbolts. Cyril, who earned advanced law degrees from both Oxford and Cambridge, is wry, very witty, and blessed with the modesty which accompanies the truly learned. O’Brien, a long-time deep-cover espionage professional, is ideally cast for the role of the Spook. When not spying, he was an athlete, actor, Naval officer, international business executive and country storekeeper, but thinks of himself only as an insatiable student. He is a naturalized Spaniard.

As their musings unfold, readers will get a good feeling for the medieval villages which abound in this northeast corner of Spain and of the locals and foreigners who inhabit them.

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