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African American Landowner Fears Developing Land No More

With the help of REDI Foundation, Susannah Nfonoyim, a landowner in Houston, Texas, has learned that developing land is easy – and very profitable – with just a little hard work.

At a recent news conference, Richard Michael Abraham, founder of The REDI Foundation announced that one of the main purposes of their 6-Month Online Real Estate Development Mentoring/Certification Program is to provide a step-by-step process for landowners to develop their own land. “Landowners should not sell their land when 80% of the profits are in developing their land and landowners should not be fearful anymore. Developing real estate is a learned skill. The REDI Foundation’s Online Course/Program is teaching and helping landowners across the World profitably develop their own land,” Mr. Abraham stated.

Studies have shown that many landowners are fearful of developing their land for the following reasons:

1. They do not understand the real estate development process.
2. They do not know how to conduct a market/feasibility study.
3. They are fearful they will need to raise a lot of money.

Case in point – Susannah Nfonoyim has been a human resource professional for over 20 years. She owns a large tract of land in the Houston area and is now developing 67 one and two acre lots for $20,000,000 in upscale, luxury housing.

She comments, “The REDI Foundation’s 6-Month Online Real Estate Development Mentoring Program transformed me from being a fearful landowner. Mr. Abraham wrote the printed Course materials speaking directly to an individual like me with zero real estate development knowledge. He uses his years of real life knowledge as examples and gives the learner valuable, easy to apply tools along the way. While imbedded with solid real information that would take years as an actual developer to gain, the materials also place emphasis on ethics and trains a novice to quickly make decisions on the viability of any type of development project. I already see the world through a very different lens. An ordinary drive around my neighborhood has changed from running errands to imagining what could be – how an empty eye sore lot could become a beautiful functional income-generating project. My creativity has been unleashed.”

REDI’s course teaches landowners how to financially structure the market/feasibility study package to gain the interest of investor joint venture partners for the equity capital needed. Once the land and investor equity capital are in place, large institutional lenders are eager to provide the financing for land developments in high demand.

The online course is designed for landowners and entrepreneurs who wish to successfully develop real estate by attracting joint venture investor partners.

For more details about the REDI Foundation and their 6-Month Online Real Estate Development Mentoring/Certification Program, visit

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