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African Americans Learning How to Earn $1,000,000 or More Annually

The Founder of The REDI Foundation, non-profit institute, Richard Michael Abraham, announced today at The REDI Foundation’s press conference that the mission to train professionals how to be successful developing their land or packaging joint venture real estate developments is working very well.

“The 6-Month Mentoring ONLINE Real Estate Development Program is teaching professionals (from all walks of life) how to potentially earn $1,000,000+ each annually packaging joint venture real estate developments in their local communities. This is my legacy Course where I mentor each accepted student personally and privately. Since my announcement in November last year, just look at the developments my students are doing. Many are turning their land or property into multi million dollar developments and attracting investors for the capital needed. During the next several years, I’ll keep pushing to help more accepted students. Where doing everything possible to make this 6-Month Program financially accessible to African Americans, including partial scholarships. I consider this final chapter of my life the best that I can leave on this good earth,” Mr. Abraham stated.

The 6-Month Online Real Estate Development Certification and private Mentoring Program is recognized as the world’s most comprehensive Course and in addition to printed instructional materials, assignments, exams, each student is required to package a “real” and feasible real estate development project under the watchful eye of Mr. Abraham. Enrollment is limited and always filled but “standby places” can be made available for exceptional applicants.

“During the last booming decade of real estate development, African Americans were left behind, unable to get into real estate development. The REDI Foundation is now doing everything possible to make this Program financially available to qualified African-Americans, Africans, all minorities and U.S. Veterans by offering partial scholarships,” Mr. Abraham added.

Land and property owners, entrepreneurs and professionals who possess a passion for real estate and who feel they have what it takes to develop real estate and work with affluent investors (once they learn the skills) are invited to apply for the course by visiting

“The key difference of this Mentoring Course is that in addition to teaching experienced developers, I teach first time developers how to use my Value Generator Methods to find and package Joint Venture Developments. I teach them all the Market Research and Feasibility skills required so that even without any experience or capital invested, my students can negotiate their joint venture equity position in the joint venture development with investors and land and property owners. On REDI’s website, just look at the student developments and their success. Also, The REDI Foundation is holding a limited number of “standby places” with partial scholarships for qualified African American, African, Minority and U.S. Veterans as possible,” Mr. Abraham added.

The program is more comprehensive and challenging than a Master’s Degree Program (combining essentially 5 Courses in one) but tuition is less then a University Master’s Degree Program since at this time, REDI is making available partial scholarships.

Changing Lives – See How This Real Estate Development Program Is Changing Lives – Apply Today!

To apply for a special “standby place”, first carefully review all the details about the program on the Website at and read the actual student development joint venture packages, what students are saying and then, if you feel you possess the talent and determination to succeed, call The REDI Foundation at 561-756-8074 for your interview and to begin the Application process. (Partial scholarships are limited)

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