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Boys to Men gets vocal advice

(Photo Credit: Gary Harbour)

On Saturday, March 29, 2014, Denise Woods, one of the presenters at a segment of the Boys to Men meeting, instructed the fine young men on public speaking at Saint Paul Baptist Church, 1777 Statham Blvd. “There are a myriad of public speaking exercises to equip you with the communication and verbal skills necessary to navigate through the world as strong, confident men of God.”

(Photo Credit: Gary Harbour)

Denise Woods is a critically acclaimed vocal coach for Academy Award winning actors, network broadcast journalists, Fortune 500 corporate executives and professional athletes. Woods’ dynamic coaching style is derived from over 20 years of faculty experience at the prestigious Juilliard School and California Institute of the Arts. Also a graduate of The Juilliard School, Woods has been featured in articles in The New Yorker Magazine, The Chicago Tribune and The Baltimore Sun. As a young performing artist, Woods was invited to train and perform with the world renowned New York City Children’s Opera Chorus where she developed a voracious appetite for Classical Music. Upon graduation from The Juilliard School, she was asked to join John Houseman’s The Acting Company, a national classical repertory company. It was there that she began her deep appreciation for Classical Literature. In addition to her passion for the classics, she has become an avid lover of America’s Classical Music-Jazz; all of which have attributed to her success as a vocal coach. Woods’ visceral understanding of musical rhythms and the poetic usage of language have contributed to her extensively vocal vocabulary and acute ear for vocal nuances; and has ultimately afforded her international acclaim.

Denise Woods’ passion and talent for vocal expression have also resulted in her philanthropic commitment to empower disenfranchised women and children to “find their voices.” It is through this dedicated work that she has traveled nationwide “changing lives; one voice at a time.”

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