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Charles Barkley: ‘Magic Johnson is Bigger Than That’

Irving ‘Magic’ Johnson and Charles Barkley

By  Michael Klopman 

Charles Barkley expressed disappointment with Magic Johnson over his gleeful reaction to the news that Mike D’Antoni would resign as the coach of the Lakers..

“Magic Johnson is bigger than that. Mike D”Antoni is a good coach. They didn’t give him a lot to work with,” Barkley said on TNT, via Mark Medina of the LA Daily News. “The Lakers weren’t to win with Phil Jackson either. They don’t have good players. We know Phil Jackson is arguably the greatest coach ever. The Lakers don’t have players. They’re not a good team. I don’t even know if Phil Jackson wanted that job. The Lakers stink and they’re going to stink.”

Shortly after news broke of D’Antoni’s exit, Magic rejoiced on Twitter posting: “Happy days are here again! Mike D’Antoni resigns as the Lakers coach. I couldn’t be happier!”
Johnson didn’t shy away from criticizing Lakers executive vice president Jim Buss for choosing D’Antoni over Phil Jackson back in 2012, after the short tenure of Mike Brown. The Lakers legend also took issue with D’Antoni’s system during his time in Los Angeles.

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