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CTB/McGraw-Hill Spring Research Study

CTB/McGraw-Hill invites your adult students to participate in a study investigating content measuring the common core state standards which have been adopted by most states for K-12 testing and which will be measured by the next series of high school equivalency tests.  The study supports our development of student assessments that will support educators who are seeking to improve instruction and student achievement. Meeting today’s complex evaluation and assessment needs requires an unwavering commitment to creating products that will have a positive impact on teaching and learning. To achieve this goal, we need your help. We invite your adult education center to take part by contributing to an important phase of our ongoing test development.

The data from the study will provide CTB/McGraw-Hill with information to (a) help identify items that measure well and that are appropriate to include in future common core assessments that identify students levels of mastery and (b) to identify items that don’t perform well and which may need to be avoided on future forms due to ambiguity or bias.  Your participation provides students an opportunity to be exposed to the common standards adopted by most states and supports the development of high quality assessments that will help future student achievement.

We are inviting adults without a high school diploma currently associated with an adult education center that have taken or expect to take the GED in 2013.  Participants will be enrolled based on early responses and study requirements.

Spring Research Study Testing Window: May 6, 2013 – June 7, 2013

Your site will receive $80 for each student who completes all assigned testing in accordance with the testing specifications. This will allow you to pay $70 to your students to encourage their participation, and still provide you $10 per participant for your time and effort with recruitment and test administration.

The Tests
CTB/McGraw-Hill Education Spring Research Study will be conducted entirely online. Students will need a computer with Internet access, and CTB Customer Care will work with your technical coordinator to get your site test ready.  Assigned content for this study will be Math, Writing, Reading, Science, and Social Studies. The Reading, Writing, and Mathematics tests will be aligned to the Common Core State Standards. Testing time will not exceed eight hours and may be done in one sitting, or broken into two or more sessions. We will be as flexible as necessary to make this work with your students’ schedules.

Act Now
If you would like more information, please contact CTB/McGraw-Hill Education’s Sample Acquisition Department at or 800-878-4671 Representatives are available between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

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