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Fair Food: A Staple of the Ventura County Fair

Willamette Pie Company

County fairs are home to novel food concoctions, and the Ventura County Fair is no different! Many come to the fair to eat wacky food and purchase unique products. Whether it’s deep fried, chocolate covered or on a stick, the Ventura County Fair presents fairgoers with out-of-the-ordinary snacks, meals and desserts. While you’re at the fair, be sure to munch on some of this delicious food! This year’s unique fair food includes:

Pig in a Poke at Cruisers Sample the brand new “Pig in a Poke”! At first glance, this snack appears to be an ice cream sundae. Look closer and you’ll realize it’s a pork and mashed potatoes meal! Cruisers is also home to the fair’s famous $1 french fries.

Bacon and Raisin Oatmeal Cookie at Willamette Pie Company. Sweet and savory, this outrageous cookie is sure to satisfy all of  your taste buds! Located on Main Street, this brand new vendor has a design inspired by a 1950’s diner. The Willamette Pie Company also sells delicious homemade, all-natural pies and cobblers.

Cream Cheese on a Stick at Hot Dog on a Stick. This fair treat features cream cheese dipped in corn batter, fried and drizzled with chili sauce. You’re sure to come back for more!

The BLT Taco at Mexi-Cone. This brand new BLT Taco gives tacos a fresh new spin! Filled with bacon, lettuce and tomato, this unique taco is a must-eat!

Deep Fried Brownie at the Funnel Cake Booth. New this year, this classic brownie confection is dipped in batter and deep fried! Sample this brand new fair treat, which can be found in the Kelly Court food court. Also sold at this booth are deep fried Twinkies, Snickers and Oreos.

The Sweetie at Spud Ranch is a brand-new “dessert potato”. This tasty snack features a sweet potato decorated with whipped cream, cinnamon, brown sugar and more! Spud Ranch also sells other delicious baked potatoes like Chile, Macaroni and Cheese, Ranch Style, Alfredo Potato, Buffalo Wings and Broccoli.

The 2013 Ventura County Fair, “Boots, Barns & Banjos” runs from July 31st-August 11th. For more information, visit

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