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Federal Jury Acquits NOPD Officer

The burnt car in which the remains of Henry Glover were found.

Former NOPD officer David Warren, the cop who killed an unarmed Henry Glover outside a Westbank strip mall just days after Hurricane Katrina and was sentenced to almost 26 years in 2010, was released from prison after a mostly white jury found him not guilty.

Warren was granted a new trial by a three-judge panel from the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals after his attorneys argued that the U.S. Attorney’s Office improperly lumped his first trial with that of four other NOPD officers charged in the racially explosive case.

Two of the four other officers — former NOPD Lt. Robert Italiano and former Lt. Dwayne Scheuermann — were acquitted during the first trial and the two others, Travis McCabe and Greg McRae, were also granted new trials and are waiting for their day in court.

Henry Glover, 31, was shot by Warren while standing in the parking lot of a Westbank strip mall with a relative. After he was shot, a good Samaritan gave Glover a ride to an elementary school in Algiers that was being used by the New Orleans Police Department as a substation, hoping that police might provide medical assistance to the injured man. William Tanner, the good Samaritan, testified during the first trial that he and several other residents were roughed up by the cops after they arrived at the substation and that they were separated from Glover. That was the last time Henry Glover was seen alive.

Glover’s charred remains were later found in the burned car owned by William Tanner that was abandoned on the Mississippi River levee. While photos show Glover’s remains in the car, the victim’s skull was subsequently removed from the grisly crime scene and has never been returned to the family for proper burial.

During testimony, David Warren told jurors that he thought Glover had a gun and feared for his safety.

The jury, comprised of nine whites and three Blacks, deliberated for about 14 hours before reaching a decision. The jury was initially comprised of eight whites and four Blacks but one of the Black jurors was reportedly removed from the jury for allegedly talking about the case on social media and replaced with one of the four white alternate jurors.

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