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Fumigation Burglar Arrested

Rigoverto Zamora

Rigoverto Zamora

On October 25, 2013 members of the Oxnard Police Department took Rigoverto Zamora, a 28-year-old Oxnard resident, into custody for a fumigation tent burglary that occurred in the 1700 block of South Ventura Road on 10/16/13. According to detectives, Zamora is a suspect in several other fumigation tent burglaries in Oxnard.

Zamora was identified by video provided by the fumigation company. Due to the use of surveillance as a deterrent, in this case, the company was directly responsible for Zamora’s arrest. Fumigation companies have been partnering with Police and several are currently using surveillance methods as a deterrent.
While the arresting of Zamora closed this case for the Oxnard Police Department, residents are reminded to continue to be extra aware and vigilant. To date this year, there have been a total of 27 such burglaries, with 22 between 04/28/13 and 10/28/13 —an average of one per week. These burglaries have occurred throughout the city, with a higher concentration occurring in the Cal-Gisler, Kamala Durley Park and Bartolo Square neighborhoods on the south end of Oxnard.

Open and unlocked doors and windows have been the primary method and point of entry in almost half of the fumigation burglaries in Oxnard—most likely during the ventilation period of the process when homes have to force out air. In other cases, however, doors and windows have been pried, smashed or used bodily force to gain access.

There are a number of steps that residents can take to further protect themselves and their property. The Oxnard Police Department encourages residents to remove small valuables such as money, jewelry, keys, personal documents, flat screen televisions and small electronics. Residents are also encouraged to advise neighbors so they can be vigilant and help report suspicious people or activity during planned fumigation dates. Furthermore, residents can ask fumigators about installing alarms and sensors at jobs, such sensors can alert fumigators’ cellphones if anyone enters a tented building.

Help keep our homes and neighborhoods in Oxnard crime-free and safe.  If you see suspicious activity, please report it to the Oxnard Police Department at 805-385-7740, or dial 911. Anonymous information and tips can also be made with the Ventura County Crime Stoppers at (805) 385-8255.

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