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Jersey City Teens Arrested for Murder After Playing “Knockout” Game

Three teens from Jersey City were recently arrested for murder after they allegedly sucker-punched a homeless man, killing him with just one hit while playing a dangerous new game called “Knockout”.

The teens reportedly followed 46-year old Ralph Santiago down a street back in September, and one of them suddenly punched him in the back of his head. Santiago immediately collapsed onto an iron fence, and later died due to a broken neck which was wedged between two posts.

The whole incident was captured on CCTV, and local police released the video to the media, forcing the boys to turn themselves in. They are currently being held at the Hudson County Youth Detention Center without bail.

What is the “Knockout” Game?

Knockout, also known as knockout king, is a violent game played by many urban teenagers where they attack an innocent person with the goal of “knocking” him/her out in just one punch. The dangerous game has resulted in very serious injuries and deaths, and many teens have been sentenced to life in jail after facing murder charges.

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