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LeBron James Names His Top Three All-Time NBA Players

Sports Lebron 300x219 LeBron James Names His Top Three All Time NBA Players

LeBron James

By Chris Greenberg

Sorry, Lakers legends.

LeBron James named his top three players in NBA history during a recent interview with Bill Reiter of FOX Sports and Los Angeles Lakers icon Magic Johnson didn’t make the cut. Neither did Wilt Chamberlain or Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Asked for his all-time top three, the two-time NBA champ quickly named Michael Jordan but then struggled to round out of his list.

“Best three players of all-time? Michael Jordan. Wow. Michael Jordan. Wow, this is tough,” James said. “Michael Jordan, Dr. J, Larry Bird.”

Before Lakers fans get too worked up, James did mention Magic after being given permission to name a fourth player by Reiter.

Faced with a similar question — and two extra slots — earlier this summer, Kobe Bryant didn’t hesitate and named fellow L.A. legends first and last.

“It’s not very difficult for me,” Bryant said when asked to name his top five during an ESPN Radio Los Angeles in June, via For The Win. “I’d go Magic, Jordan, Bird, Russell and Jabbar.”

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