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Miran Horvat’s Book Reminds Readers of God’s Works

Author Miran Horvat unleashes his literary prowess and uses beautiful and artistic words to convey to his readers man’s mission and duty to admire and grasp the works of the Creator as deeply as possible in his book, Dreams of the Soul (published by AuthorHouse). The Grammar School student spends his winter holidays at his Grandfather in the mountains. In the long evenings the old diplomat tells stories from around the world and the student develops his ideas of life and of the world. And the snowy landscape makes possible to sink into fantasy worlds and gives to him dreams of the soul.

In this riveting book, Horvat will comfortably transport his readers on the wings of his imagination across different parts of the world to experience both its eternal beauties and dark sides. Just like the walker and his dog friend, Bricky, who explore near and far surroundings of their home, situated in the mountain world, where his grandpa also lives. The old man has seen and helped the world and even now he is still trying to help the suffering humanity. He is a man endowed with rich life experience and broad knowledge, which greatly attracts the younger explorer. Thus an interesting conversation develops between them, which takes place during the carefree time of winter holidays.

In Dreams of the Soul, Horvat has written a wonderful narrative that will amuse and inspire the readers in so many different ways—especially to appreciate God’s wonders and gifts to everyone. The overall theme of this book is the Universe and even the possible Multiverse with their structures and movements and with their influence to everyone’s lives. And also to Help all people who are in need, but at the end of every path that full of the suffering, the author believes that there is the Light of the Hope – the Light of the Heart.

About the Author

Miran Horvat was born in the little but historically very rich town Ptuj in Slovenia. He finished the Primary and the Secondary School in his town and in near Maribor the High School of Economics. He likes to make photos with his Camera and had five Exhibitions – “Catch the moment!” The theme was the Nature itself. He didn’t like to type on a computer; no, instead he wrote nice and slowly with a pen and paper, under a softly shining lamp that additionally stirred his imagination. This imagination was flourishing in Ptuj, a Slovenian town of ancient culture, where creativeness is already hanging in the air, one only has to capture it, sit down at a desk diligently and persevere to the end. He enjoys photographing nature and observing it, which is why he poured his impressions of it onto the pages of a book. Curiosity is driving the author forward and there is always a possibility that the mentioned piece will not be his last.

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