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More Festival-goers Attend 2-day Event

Port Hueneme Mayor Ellis Green takes center stage at the 15th Annual Celebration of the Toni Young Hueneme Beach Festival Sponsored by The City of Port Hueneme. (Photo Credit: Robert Jeffreys)

The Toni Young Hueneme Beach Festival was a two-day fun filled event with a steady stream of festival goers held on August 17, at 550 E. Surfside Drive.

Juan Lopez said he can’t remember better festival weather.

“It’s absolutely perfect,” said Lopez. “It’s the right temperature for the hottest beach party in Southern California! I couldn’t ask for any more.” Lopez was joined by a host of others at the dance area jamming to the beat.

The festival had great music, food, entertainers, rides, games, performers and had something for everybody.

Some festival goers who entered the 4th Annual Sand Sculpting Contest were disappointed that the contest had been cancelled due to severe sand erosion at Hueneme Beach.

Attendees said they were looking for a bite to eat, others were hoping to find a bargain, and some were socializing as they examined everything the festival had to offer.

This event is dedicated to Toni Young, former Port Hueneme mayor and city councilman for 16 years, who passed away after a sudden illness in December 2008. This is a wonderful event in her honor and definitely worth going out of your way for.

The festival was still bustling with people at the close of the event at 6 p.m. on Sunday evening.


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