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New Book Looks at How Readers can Break Through the Barriers They Encounter in Life

In “Make the Impossible Possible” (published by AuthorHouse), author Joao Fernandes’ new collection of empowering short stories, readers “will be inspired to change their life for the better and defeat all adversities that have been plaguing them,” he says.

The book teaches readers that they were born to dominate any situation they face because they were created in God’s image and his likeness. “I hope to inspire readers to break their barriers and achieve whatever they want,” he says. “No barrier is greater than the greatest weapon they have within – inner power.”

An excerpt from “Make the Impossible Possible”:

“There is undoubtably some kind of special skill, talent for the activity in question, but that is not enough. How many talented people remain half way, stagnated in life, not developing themselves, not getting anywhere, no. Talent itself does not equate success. Perhaps it is the effort over average, however in that case it is also hard to set a pattern, because while the most successful people work with persistence and determination, many people make big efforts and do not succeed in life. Thus, work is a component, but it does not determine success. If the formula of talent and persistence does not guarantee success, what is missing? Education? No way, as there have been many uneducated personalities who changed the world. Albert Einstein, for example, was expelled from school after three months of classes when his teacher reported that he had not enough mental skills to learn. Of course, he went on to come up with the theory of relativity.”

About the Author

Joao Fernandes lives in Ireland. He is happily married and a believer. He has one son.


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