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New Frontier Democratic Club Celebrates its 24th Annual Day at the Races

By Gary Harbour

On June 22, 2013, John Frierson’s New Frontier Democratic Club (NFDC) celebrated its 24th Annual Day at the Races at Betfair Hollywood Park. Because the track is scheduled to close by the end of the year, New Frontier termed this celebration the Final Post because it will be the last at this venue.

The event was well attended by the club’s President Patricia (Patt) Sanders, officers, trustees, members and guests. The savory buffet was quite satisfying including desserts so scrumptious they made you want to slap your personal trainer. This was followed by a beautiful cake celebrating the day and occasion. The venue was both stunning and serene. There were lakes with flamingos, geese and other water fowl, framed by beautiful manmade waterfalls and a stunning terrain.

Just as you thought nothing could be more beautiful, some of the most graceful, fastest thoroughbreds in the world took center stage, or track as it were. These horses were engineered and bred for speed. Champions in their own right, it’s a small wonder that their racing is termed the sport of kings. The NFDC had the privilege of having a race dedicated to them and, being photographed in the winner’s circle.
According to NFDC’s website, it is the largest and oldest democratic club in the state of California.

As an organization, New Frontier is excited to challenge future leaders to take up the mantle of tomorrow’s leadership through stewardship today. In order to do this it is important to know that knowledge and understanding are the bedrock and stronghold of a good leader. The New Frontier Democratic Club challenges today’s youth to become involved not only by voting and educating yourselves on the issues, but by participating in the process of vetting candidates and issues before they are on the ballot.

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