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‘Oath & Honour’ gives realistic portrayal of Mafia life

Author Anthony Lascelle chronicles one man’s battle to save his life as a true man of honor in his thrilling new novel, “Oath & Honour”.

“I have been writing for many years, and try to touch on subjects that revolve around the personal battles that each person must face in life,” Lascelle writes. “The complexities of the human spirit make for interesting reading.”
Set primarily in present-day New York, “Oath & Honour” focuses on the hard world of organized crime, where men live their lives by a code that the rest of society finds difficult to understand in a world where emotions equate weakness and honor must take precedence.

“The story switches constantly between the different levels of organized crime, from the high political maneuvering to the street dealings,” Lascelle explains, “so that a sense of the carnage that is caused always seems real to the reader.”

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About the Author
Anthony Lascelle enjoys writing novels, poems and short stories. He works at the University of Oxford and resides in Oxfordshire, England. “Oath & Honour” is his first published book.

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