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Outkast to Reunite in 2014

Musicians Andre Benjamin, right, and Big Boi, of the musical group Outkast. (Photo Credit: Damian Dovarganes)

Musicians Andre Benjamin, right, and Big Boi, of the musical group Outkast. (Photo Credit: Damian Dovarganes)

In news that proves dreams most certainly do come true and every once in a while prayers (and many, many tweets) are answered,  Outkast will be reuniting in 2014 for performances across the US.

You can re-read that if you like, but we’re going to say it again… Outkast is reuniting.

The shows will mark the duo’s first appearances onstage together since 2004, with sources telling REVOLT to expect the Atlanta group to rock multiple festival dates in the coming year. Though details are scant (the members’ secretive nature keeps even our sources tight-lipped), we’re told the reunion is currently set to exist solely in the live setting, with no new album plans in sight, for now.

The news comes at time when Outkast discussions had reached a virtual moot point, with Andre 3000 and Big Boi expressing visible frustration from continual prodding in interviews on the state of the duo’s relationship and when, if ever, we’d ever see the friends unite under the moniker again. If nothing else, the two have stayed true to their word, waiting for a logical time to rejoin forces, as 2014 marks the 20-year anniversary of their debut album, Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik.

Big Boi has long been the vocal proponent of the reunion, often expressing in interviews his open minded approach to returning to the group, even teasing the reunion news earlier this year amidst a stop over with Power 106. “We’ve been kind of discussing some things,” the rapper revealed, before elaborating, “Once we map it out, we’ll make an announcement. But we’ll see. It’s 20 years, man … I wanna see it too, I definitely wanna see it too. Mum’s the word right now, but we gon’ see.”

And while Andre has been textbook non-committal to the prospect of any future Outkast activity, many felt his recent verse on T.I.’s “Sorry” spoke volumes on the MC’s mindset regarding the group and his partner-in-rhyme.

Though details on any exact dates remain a ways off, a quick search turned up this tweet suggesting the duo would play Atlanta’s CounterPoint Festival in April, a spot we know Big Boi is already well-acquainted with. If that time table pans out, it would also make them a contender for next year’s Coachella, a festival with a reputation for reintroducing elusive performers, as they have with Daft Punk, Dr. Dre, and Rage Against The Machine in past years.


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