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St. Paul Baptist Church dedicates new gymnasium and fitness center

Pictured (from l. to r.) Deacon Dawson, St. Paul Baptist Church first Lady Mrs. Huggins and Bishop B.A. Huggins, Deacon Thrower, Robert Ferguson, MS, CN, Robert Johnson

Scores of parents, children and clergy congregated after Sunday’s service at St. Paul Baptist Church, 1777 Statham Dr., in Oxnard to dedicate its newly completed Keary Colbert Gym Facility. The premier facility includes a gymnasium and a fully equipped fitness center.

Bishop Broderick A. Huggins presided over the dedication which included a speech by internationally known author and fitness guru Robert Ferguson, MS, CN, a ribbon cutting ceremony and a fun round of basketball. Bishop Huggins is well known for his basketball skills and sank the first shot from the free throw line.

“Everything they have at LA Fitness we have at St. Paul Baptist Church,” said Bishop Huggins. “Gym memberships are $30.00 per month and memberships will also include Zumba, aerobic, yoga and pilate classes along with monthly line dance classes instructed by KNS Rockstar. We only have 75 lockers, so I encourage you to sign up today.”

Ferguson spoke during the 11:00 morning service about what he refers to as ‘A New Breakthrough in Nutritional Science’. “My Diet Free Life System™ is not a diet – it’s a simple eating plan to lose and maintain weight loss. This revolutionary system will unlock your individual Carb Threshold™ so you can maximize the fat-burning potential of your own unique metabolism.”

“It is safe, easy and satisfying because you can eat your favorite foods. You’ll never feel deprived or hungry while losing pounds and inches.”

Since the arrival of Bishop Huggins as pastor of Saint Paul Baptist Church, many attributed its growth to his profound teaching, preaching and his genuine love for God’s people.

Huggins closed Sunday’s service with a story about a conversation he had with a man in Camarillo. “You can come back and play basketball here at any time, just don’t bring any one else back with you.”

Huggins continued, “The man didn’t even know who I am. God bless the child that has his own.”

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