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Surprising Summer Foods Your Child Shouldn’t Have

By Oretha Winston

When little ones are running around outside, playing in the pool and swinging at the park, they’re active under hot conditions.

What are the worst foods to give them to help refuel their little bodies?

Hot Dogs are stocked with saturated fat, which is a factor in causing heart disease, even in tiny tickers. One study found that children who eat more than 12 hot dogs per month are significantly more likely to develop childhood leukemia.

Pepperoni Pizza is filled saturated fats and dehydration-promoting sodium, about 700 mg per piece. Kids need only 1,000 to 1,300 mg per day.
Ice Cream can contain more than 400 calories and 40 grams of sugar, depending on the brand. We’re talking about a one-cup scoop of plain old vanilla.

Try these 3  things instead.

Instead of ice cream try a lemonade  smoothie. Lemonade is one of the more traditional drinks served during the summer because it is cold and refreshing on hot days. Use fresh lemons to create a low-sugar smoothie that blends the taste of lemonade with other healthy ingredients.  You can add fruits to make it sweet.

Instead of pepperoni pizza try a fruit pizza. Many juicy and refreshing fruits are in season over the summer, including berries, cherries and nectarines. Combining several different varieties will boost your child’s intake of potassium, vitamin C and fiber. Make a pizza crust following the package directions. Add a reduced-fat or fat-free cream cheese with a tablespoon of honey and a shake of cinnamon. Allow the pizza crust to cool and spread with the cream cheese. Layer sliced fruits over the cream cheese and sprinkle with additional cinnamon.

Instead of hots dogs try chicken dogs. Slice chicken breast. Season lightly and throw on the grill. It will make dinner fun.

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