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‘The Last Baptist Church’ Takes a Humorous Look at the Bible and its Lessons

PINE BLUFF, Arz. – In “The Last Baptist Church: The Odyssey of Reverend Cheese Head Brown and Deacon Jones” (published by Trafford Publishing), author Dirty Red’s new humorous religious novel, readers follow two characters as they dive deep into religion and the life that it brings with it.

Red warns readers that their “first reaction will be to throw the book away and to curse him out, but that’s the pain all must endure to pass the denial stage.”

Readers join the fictitious Reverend Cheese Head Brown and Deacon Jones at their fictitious church in a make-believe Arkansas town named Turkey Scratch in this 360 page book of black religious humor. As readers journey with the two characters, they will find themselves reliving certain parts of Red’s life, as well as stories woven in about his father, son and grandfather. It is his hope that after reading his book, readers will “split their sides laughing and understand where he is coming from.”

An excerpt from “The Last Baptist Church”:
“At the thought of a brother having to work for a living, Adam got so mad that he grabbed a garden tool (he was in the Garden of Eden) and chopped off the snake’s head. Then he swung the tool and hit Eve upside the head while telling her he would forever call her a ho! That is why from then on, the brothers call all lying, cheating, and backstabbing females hoes!”

About the Author
Dirty Red says that he is a blind agnostic. His father and grandfather were ordained Baptist preachers. His son is the senior pastor of a large church and a TV evangelist. He, on the other hand, fell into a life of crime. He was sent to prison after he was caught stealing. While in prison, he met a wise old man that turned his life around.

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