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The People’s Throb

By Gary L. Harbour

Moving Forward, How Do You Find Happiness, Joy, and Contentment in Life?

Debra Herrera

Debra Herrera, 44
Santa Paula, CA

“I find happiness in being a part of the Kingdom of God. Having Jesus in my life has allowed me to know that no matter what happens I can look to him for the answer. Sometimes it is hard to find happiness when things go wrong but joy comes from the Lord who does all, is all and knows all. So sometimes, when I don’t understand why, I know my heart is filled with joy & happiness because my life has a purpose. In happiness or sadness, my life is content. I trust in God.”











Kenyon Tobin

Kenyon Tobin, 40
Ventura, CA

“I find happiness, joy, and contentment in my life through my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! He gives me joy. He gives me happiness because I simply believe in Him and talk to Him everyday. Having a relationship with God has changed my life forever!”










Theresa Washington

Theresa Washington, 65
Oxnard, CA

“Happiness is finding the right person in my life. Joy is having five grandchildren. My contentment is having God in my life.”










Donnell Bryant

Donnell Bryant, 28
Oxnard, CA

“Keeping God first and taking care of yourself. Spiritual, mental and physical and taking care of your family.”











Ryan Kirkham

Ryan Kirkham, 20
Oxnard CA

“I am a young man still going through my growing stages. Everyday seems to be a learning process and can also bring emotions very high, and have you feeling sad and low. Happiness, joy and contentment in life right now for me, is staying busy cutting hair and focusing on my family. My career had a blessing the moment that I was offered a job at Ray’s Barbershop. Coming in every day brings me joy. To have a job helps me stay on the good path. Happiness comes from my family always being there for me. Being content for me will never happen because I always strive for better.”








Rhoan Brown

Rhoan Brown, 35
Oxnard, CA

“Enjoying free will by making decisions guided by the almighty which will keep me alive and in perfect health. To enjoy the beauty and wonders of nature and enjoy the success of my children’s children and pass from this earth peacefully in my sleep, in perfect health. My job at Ray’s barbershop is a vital aspect in realizing this future.”

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