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The People’s Throb

Deneice Tell

By Gary L. Harbour

“Why Do You Think That Much of the World Celebrates Easter?”

Deneice Tell, 52
Santa Maria, CA

“Because of the Christian belief that Jesus was raised from the dead and it is a resurrection celebration for all Christians that share that belief and faith. Also, children are excited because of the fun activities provided for them, not to mention all the good food.”

























Wendy Sims-Moten

Wendy Sims-Moten, 52
Santa Barbara, CA

“I believe that much of the world celebrates Easter because a life was sacrificed. So many times lives are sacrificed so that others may be free, and that they may live.”















Teketa Bellamy

Teketa Bellamy, 41
Santa Barbara, CA

“Resurrection of Jesus Christ, and to celebrate His life within the Christian world.”




























Jackie Joice

Jackie Joice, 46
Long Beach, CA

“People around the world celebrate Easter because of spring. They also celebrate the life of Jesus Christ.”












































































Leslie Robinson

Leslie Robinson, 59
Lompoc, CA

“Easter is celebrated as a time of rebirth, specifically the rebirth, or resurrection of Christ. Even those who are not Christian will celebrate the coming of spring or the rebirth of the world after coming through the fierceness of winter.”

















































































Salud Pantoja

Salud Pantoja, 28
Oxnard, CA

“Because on this day most families can stay with their families. But, it is mostly for their children to have fun at parks and their homes, hiding and finding eggs and presents. Also, they make barbecue or special foods for this day.”

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