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TK Reilly’s New Training Manual, ‘Behave!’ Gives Readers the Competitive Edge

Award-winning author, TK Reilly has trained thousands of students and certified hundreds of etiquette instructors in classrooms and online since 2004. Her innovative book, “Behave! Etiquette Lessons for Adults” (published by iUniverse) shifts the reader’s understanding into practice with 12 interactive etiquette lessons that apply theory to social experience.

“Behave!” teaches knife and fork skills, dining, business and wardrobe details, meeting protocol, global greetings, walking gait and drinking directives. There are also learning tools and assessment exercises included such as exams, games, role playing, four focus quizzes, three writing assignments, poems, recitations, a drawing and a crossword puzzle. To comport and carry oneself with utmost poise and grace, to cultivate tact and manners, and replace nervousness with charm and confidence, readers need to look no further than Reilly’s outstanding self-help masterpiece.

“My book will help young professionals snap out of complacency, stop making mistakes and put on the sharp appearance they need to succeed in today’s workplace,” Reilly explains. “‘Behave!’ delivers the knowledge needed to build a competitive advantage in one’s appearance, manner and social strategy.”

“Behave!” is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

About the Author
T. K. Reilly is a graduate of the University of Oregon and a Masters of Education candidate. She worked in advertising, publishing and instructional systems design before teaching and writing books on etiquette. Reilly lives with her family on Florida’s Gulf Coast. More information can be found at and Etiquette Lessons Foundation on Facebook.

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