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UC Santa Barbara Welcomes a New Class

(Photo Credit: Gary L. Harbour)

More than 62,000 high school seniors applied for admission to UC Santa Barbara this year but only a select 4,500 will be attending classes that begin this week.

This was UCSB’s largest pool of applicants and the process was highly selective. A group of these highly qualified first year students were hosted this month at the Tower Club in Oxnard, part of a statewide welcoming program run by the Alumni Association at UCSB. Similar welcome receptions were held in Los Angeles at the Athletic Club and in Northern California at the homes of major donors to UCSB.

The new students and their family members were welcomed with a bag of Gaucho goodies as well as introductions from current alumni in the Ventura-Oxnard area and UCSB Assistant Vice Chancellor for Alumni Affairs, George Thurlow. The alumni in the audience provided their first-hand accounts of life at the campus by the sea and the impact it had on their lives.

Thurlow told the students that with their selection to one of the best universities in the country came a responsibility to contribute to their alma mater and their community, as well as to take care of their fellow Gauchos.

Classes at UC Santa Barbara began Thursday, Sept. 26 with a Convocation held on Sept. 23. UCSB has more than 20,000 students and this year’s incoming class has a GPA of over 4.0 and test scores of over 1900. More than 90 percent of those admitted are California residents, with underrepresented minority groups representing 27 percent of those offered admission.

The campus admitted just over 1,500 transfer students for the fall 2013 classes.

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