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US Airways Passenger Arrested After Refusing to Stop Talking on Cell Phone

Lindsay Bien-aime

Lindsay Bien-aime

By Andres Jauregui

No one likes that airline passenger who’s yakking away on a cell phone right up to when the doors close, but one US Airways passenger recently took that breach of etiquette way too far.

Lindsay Bien-aime, a passenger on US Airways flight 906 from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., to Charlotte, N.C., allegedly refused several orders from the flight crew to stop talking on her cell phone. The pilot was reportedly forced to return the plane to the gate, much to the dismay of travelers on the early morning flight.

Then things got worse. Sheriff’s deputies were called to escort the woman from the plane, but Bien-aime reportedly met them with an expletive-laden flurry of stubborn refusal. Another passenger captured cell phone video of the incident.

After a few minutes of coaxing, the deputies attempted to physically remove Bien-aime, who was traveling with her young son, from the cabin. According to an arrest report obtained by WBTV, Bien-aime “kicked one deputy in the groin, elbowed another deputy in the face and scratched at least two other deputies” as they escorted her off the plane, the station writes.

Video of the incident was posted to a Reddit forum. Some commenters were surprised the woman continued to make a stink even after deputies were called to the scene.

Federal Aviation Administration rules prohibit the in-flight use of cell phones and other electronic devices once the cabin doors are closed, although a proposal being drafted by the FAA might soon ease restrictions on the use of certain gadgets.

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