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VC Resident Goes National Helping Thousands of Americans

A New Breakthrough in Nutritional Science

With News Year’s resolutions around the corner, one of America’s leading voices on wellness and weight loss, Robert Ferguson wants to help you shed those extra pounds. The Ventura County resident is the creator of Diet Free Life System™. “It is not a diet – it’s a simple eating plan to lose and maintain weight loss,” said Ferguson. “This revolutionary system will unlock your individual Carb Threshold™ (the amount of carbs you can eat without gaining weight), so you can maximize the fat-burning potential of your own unique metabolism. The Diet Free Life System™ is safe, easy and satisfying because you can eat your favorite foods. You’ll never feel deprived or hungry while losing pounds and inches.”

Ferguson’s new infomercial that will air nationally this month, highlights the most recent breakthrough in weight loss science. It offers a revolutionary twist on weight loss that customizes carbs to your unique metabolism. It puts broccoli on the back burner and places bread back on the table! His Diet Free Life System™ shows Americans how they can lose all the weight they want while eating all THEIR favorite foods. His EAT to LOSE concept has already helped over 500,000 Americans.

“When you eat too many carbs, weight gain is inevitable and could lead to health problems such as diabetes and insulin resistance. This internationally published 2013 study suggests that closely monitoring carbohydrate intake is effective in improving various markers of cardiovascular risk in people with diabetes and should be considered in the overall strategy of diabetes management. BUT NO ONE WANTS TO GIVE UP THEIR CARBS! will be airing a national infomercial campaign this month,” said Ferguson.


For the first time in weight loss history, there’s an easy formula for discovering your personal carb threshold. The best part is that you NEVER feel deprived or hungry, and as you lose weight, you eat even more carbs. Whether you have five or fifty pounds to lose, EVERYONE can discover their individual Carb Threshold™ and live a diet free life today!

Diet Free Life is headquartered in Los Angeles and offers products and ideas that lead to permanent solutions to end the struggles with weight loss for a healthier, happier life.


  • Creator of the Diet Free Life System™ has a new infomercial launching January 2014.
  • Robert is a bestselling author who has helped over 500,000 people lose weight with his “Eat to Lose” concept.
  • Certified nutritionist, fitness expert and life coach has worked with celebrities and top professional athletes to include La Toya Jackson, Ricki Lake, Toni Braxton, Bobby Bonilla, Fernando Vargas and the cast of Days Of Our Lives.
  • Author of over 1,000 published articles on nutrition and fat loss.
  • Former U.S. marine and professional athlete…black belts in seven different styles of martial arts.

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