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Williams Scores 100 Percent Rating from Humane Society

Assemblyman Das Williams

Assemblymember Das Williams scored the highest rating possible from the California Humane Society on its 2013 California Humane Scorecard.

Williams voted favorably on several key bills important to animal rights and protection. Williams authored AB 789, which prohibits wildlife trappers from using cruel methods of killing and reduces the size of body-crushing traps allowed for use on land.

“I was proud to author AB 789, which was signed into law by the governor,” Williams, D-Santa Barbara, said. “We have a shared responsibility to care for others, our environment and our pets and animals.”

Williams supported the following bills: AB 265, which promotes the development of dog parks; AB 339, which restricts animal sales at swap meets; AB 711, which requires hunters to use lead-free ammunition to protect both wildlife and people from the dangers of lead poisoning;  AB 1213, which prohibits bobcat trapping adjacent to Joshua Tree National Park and requires landowner consent before attempting to trap bobcats on private property; and SB 132, which requires nonlethal procedures be used to remove or take any mountain lion perceived to be an imminent threat to public health or safety.

Williams also wants to remind people to spay and neuter their pets. Williams recently adopted two cats, Cedar and Sequoia.

“We all need to be responsible pet owners in our daily lives,” Williams said. “Let’s take care of our animals and ensure that we treat them well and humanely, whether it’s in our homes or in the wild.”

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