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Workshop Empowers Parents

Beverly Clark, SiDerek Ross, Cleo Anderson & Bea Mason. (Photo Credit: Gary Harbour)

By Cleo Anderson

Oxnard, CA — On July 25, 2013, several members of St. Paul Baptist Church participated in “A Gathering of Parent Leaders”, a workshop hosted by the Oxnard Alliance for Community Strength and the Partnership for Safe Families. The purpose of the workshop was to enable parents to become more effective advocates for their children when interacting with teachers and administrators of the educational system.

The event was structured to allow participants to connect with other parents who are making a difference for their children by being involved in schools and the community, share individual paths to community service and to develop a plan for building a support network of parent leaders. The workshop was open to any parent working for the benefit of children and/or other parents. A variety of resource materials were distributed. Lunch was provided and child care was available.

The involvement of the members of St. Paul is the result of an ongoing partnership between St. Paul Baptist Church and Ventura County Behavioral Health. The administration of the partnership is under the auspices of the Social Services Ministry of the church. St. Paul workshop participants were Cleo Anderson, Director of Social Services Ministry, Rev. SiDerek Ross, Gary Harbour, Bea Mason and Beverly Clark. St. Paul Baptist Church is located at 1777 Statham Boulevard in Oxnard. Bishop Broderick Huggins is the senior pastor.

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