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You Can Now Use Emojis to Search on Yelp

By  Kate Bratskeir

For the hungry and the lazy, hunting down the perfect slice of pizza just got better, thanks to the ingenious merging of Yelp and emojis.

Yelp released a new feature on its mobile app in late March, in which people can search using emoji if they’re feeling too sluggish to type out actual words. Yes, where you used to have to tap out “ice cream,” “doughnuts” and “pizza,” the simple selection of an emoji will now suffice.

But with 845 emojis to choose from on a standard iPhone keyboard (and with some having meanings that are indecipherable), you might wonder how reliable this service can be.

As it turns out, a lot of the emoji actually translate quite well. The pizza emoji, for example, proves practical when searching New York City’s Greenwich Village.

Locating nail parlors, banks, hair salons and postal offices is also a piece of cake (cake, no doubt, can be found too) with the applicable emoji. Of course, Yelp does have some limitations when it comes to the more elusive emojis. But the app manages to be clever and creative with these puzzling emoticons.

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