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Interns End Summer Internship Assignments

Pictured from (l. to r.): Crittenden Ward, Senior Vice President, Citibank; Veronica Allen, Ventura College employee; Cameron Smith, Intern; Reyna Brown, Intern; Kalahari Lee, Intern; Dr. Irene Pinkard and Bedford Pinkard; Joseph Pinkard, Intern; Jasmine Pinkard, Intern, Ka’sha Crawford, Intern Coordinator (Photo Credit: Gary Harbour)

Oxnard, CA –The Pinkard Youth Internship Program began in July and ended this month. Nine students were selected for the 2014 program: Reyna Brown, Kalahari Hill, Joseph Pinkard, Ka’sha Crawford, Reece Smith, Jasmine Pinkard, Lanisha Smith, Malikk Williams and Cameron Smith. The goal of the program is to give students an opportunity to experience the work environment in various businesses and the requirements of the work environment. They learn how to get along with other employees and the importance of working as a team. Students worked in locations throughout the county such as the River Ridge Golf Course, government offices, PAL Club, recreation departments, and St. John’s Medical Center.

The unique aspect of the PYI internship is that the students received a small stipend. Most internships are for the experience and exposure to a company and considered voluntary. The supervisors at the various sites were very excited about providing intern locations for the students. One supervisor called and stated, “The intern you assigned us is fabulous!  Thank you, thank you, and thank you.”

Dr. Pinkard said, “It took a while for some interns to adapt to the work environment because of shyness or apprehensiveness because they didn’t know anyone.  However, that is what happens when you get a position.”  She continued, “Most times you don’t know anyone and you make friends. The internship was only for five weeks this year and that may have been a disadvantage to getting ‘connected’. Once the interns got comfortable and adjusted to their work sight, the program ended. We will start earlier next year and give the students an eight week internship.”

The program included two workshops for the interns that would equip them for a work sight and in life. The first workshop presented was ‘Anger Management’ by a certified anger management facilitator. “There are so many angry people and workplace violence due to angry employees or clients, we wanted to prepare the interns on appropriate responses and insight into what may cause people to be angry,” stated Bedford Pinkard.

The Oxnard Main Library was the scene for the culmination of the program for 2014 and the second and last workshop. The workshop consisted of some parting advice from two speakers on Thursday, August 20.

Ms. Veronica Allen, a ten year Ventura County Community College District employee, told the interns how she rode a bike to her interview. She told the students, “I didn’t have a reliable car so I rode my bike and changed clothes in the bathroom and went to my interview.” Needless to say, Ms. Allen got the job!  Continuing, she spoke about her success as an employee and how her mentor encouraged her to excel.  She stated she listened to her mentor and took advantage of every opportunity provided to her by her colleagues. Ms. Allen gave the interns advice on how to be a valuable employee and told the interns, “You never know who’s watching you, so always do your best.”
Mr. Crittenden Ward, Senior Vice President for Citibank, spoke on ‘Money Management’. He started by telling the interns that the time to plan how you manage money is now.  “You don’t wait until you get what you consider a lot of money,” stated Ward.  He stressed planning your expenditures, avoiding impulse buying and credit card debt.  His many examples of individuals who made millions and are now bankrupt was an eye opener for the interns. “Always pay yourself by saving money each time you are paid,” he said. “One thing I want you to always remember,” he said, “It’s not about how much money you make but how you manage the money you make!”

The interns will be able to use these life lessons in the future. Anyone interested in being an intern for 2015 should contact the Pinkard Youth Institute at (805) 988-2426,

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