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It’s Springtime! – Inez Knows

Inez Lanns

Inez Lanns

By Inez Lanns

A new season has arrived, and that season is spring! This is the time of the year when the days get longer, so we begin to see the sun more often. The air and ground temperature increase more rapidly, which makes a perfect place for things to grow. Flowering plants begin to bloom during this time.  Spring is known for the time of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, and resurrection.  It is also known as a time for new life to be born. It is a time for things to grow!

We can be actively engaged in many areas of our lives, but time does not slow down nor stop for any of us. This season is here, and since we have knowledge of the beginning of this new season, we need grab a hold of it. It is the perfect time for the dreams and visions that have been lying dormant throughout the winter to grow and blossom. It is a time to be refreshed – to provide new vigor and energy; to stimulate. It is not a time to sit and do nothing. It’s time to start taking the proper steps to help make those dreams come true! “Spring is the time of plans and projects.” ~Leo Tolstoy

The spring season comes after winter and before summer. Winter is the coldest season, and summer is the hottest season; yet, spring falls right in between the two. Due to the warm weather coming into the dry we can often find some unstable weather during this time. Well made plans may have seemingly fallen apart, or been delayed in the previous season, but we are to keep pushing for newness is being born. During spring we feel the warm weather come in, but we may also have some days filled with rain. Although the “April Showers” come they bring about “May Flowers.” Rain comes and washes away the old things, and also waters the ground for new things to grow.

Whether we want to accept it or not, the new season is here!  Spring has arrived, and we can jump on board during this season of rejuvenation, renewal and resurrection and watch growth take place in our lives. Or we can sit around and observe the blooming, blossoming and birth of people, flowers, animals, dreams, projects and visions take place all around us.

“You can cut all of the flowers, but you cannot stop Spring from coming.” ~Pablo Neruda
Inez Lanns was born and raised in Ventura County. She currently writes a blog on her web site:

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