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Jackson Announces $7.8 Million from Prop 39 to Retrofit Local Schools

Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson

As a result of the passage of Proposition 39, the California Clean Energy and Jobs Act, an estimated $450 million will go to California schools in the upcoming year to fund energy efficiency and clean energy projects, including approximately $7.8 million for local schools in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties, announced State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson (D- Santa Barbara).

Additionally, nearly $50 million will be provided to fund energy projects at California’s 112 community colleges.

These projects will reduce energy bills, improve school conditions and provide needed jobs for unemployed construction workers, Jackson said.

“This funding is a huge “win” for our schools and community colleges and our communities,” Jackson said. “It will help our schools operate greener and leaner, and put thousands of people to work around the state once these projects get underway. In addition, the long-term energy savings will mean additional funding available for classroom and other district needs.”

As part of the agreement, each school district will be provided a funding allotment based on the average daily attendance (ADA) and weighted for poverty.  To ensure the projects proposed meet energy efficiency and clean energy requirements, school districts will need to submit an application to the California Energy Commission prior to receiving funds.  The Chancellor’s Office will allocate funds for community colleges based on the number of full-time equivalent students.

“Though there are still some steps to go before this funding gets in the hands of the districts, I’ve contacted local superintendents to encourage them to start thinking about the kind of projects that may be eligible, and begin working with their local utility provider to do things such as energy audits, which can help them identify areas in which schools can be more energy efficient,” Jackson said.

Proposition 39 was approved by the voters in November with more than 60% support. It closed a corporate tax loophole that only benefited out-of-state corporations. It will generate about $1 billion a year for California. For the next five years, half of the money will be going to the state’s general fund and the other half toward measures designed to create jobs and save energy.

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