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Jackson Introduces Bills to Help Prevent Gun Violence

Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson

Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson

Just weeks after the rampage in Isla Vista took the lives of six innocent people, State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson (D-Santa Barbara) has introduced two additional bills designed to help prevent gun violence and save lives.

When checking in on a person who may be a danger to themselves or others, often referred to as a “welfare check,” Senate Bill 505 would require law enforcement to first conduct a search of the Department of Justice’s Automated Firearms System, California’s database of gun purchases, to find out whether the person in question may have purchased firearms, and how many. A search of this database can be done from computers in law enforcement vehicles or by phone.

“In addition to instigating an important conversation about mental illness and gun violence, the tragedy in Isla Vista has also raised questions about law enforcement protocols,” said Jackson. “Right now, we seem to have a patchwork of inconsistent agency policy on database checks. This bill would create consistency and ensure that law enforcement agencies are using the tools available to them to gather potentially life-saving information for themselves and others.”

In addition, Jackson is introducing Senate Bill 580 to provide additional funding for law enforcement to enforce existing guns laws. SB 580 would provide funding to take guns away from those who illegally possess them, update aging computer systems used to track gun ownership, and provide training on how to use the statewide database of gun purchases.

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