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Larry Stein WINS BIG at the Ventura County Fair

Larry Stein

Ventura, CA – On July 27, through August 1, 2017, the Ventura County Fair’s Agriculture & Natural Resources Department held their annual competitions at the fair. Larry Stein, an active member in the community, ponied up to the challenge. “This is the first year I’ve competed in both pumpkin and squash, but not the first year I created agriculture,” said Stein. “I’ve earned other ribbons in agriculture before. I’ve taken prizes for cucumbers.” He walked away with two awards, one being “First Award” from the 31st District Agriculture Association.

The fair theme this year was, “Rooted in Tradition.” Featured exhibits included agriculture and natural resources displays, as well as museums, community, and non-profit exhibits. This was an outstanding opportunity for farmers and ranchers, their families, employees, and farm or commodity groups and organizations to meet and greet their Ventura County neighbors.

Stein shared his passion for competing. “It’s not about the prize, it’s about the fun. It’s about the growing. If I grow something and I get a prize, fine.” Stein continued, “I like showing off the produce that I grow. I’m proud of what I grow.” Stein has grown grapes, cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers. He expressed how great of a time he has growing. The great agriculture in Oxnard, including Ventura County, allows Stein to be able to grow year-round.

He also gave a very helpful trick of the trade. Stein uses natural flowers to keep pests off his award-winning vegetables. “I grow different types of natural flowers around the house and outside. Since they are marigolds and sunflowers, they keep some of the harmful bugs away. I use bark on the base so I don’t get problems from the soil.”

The mission of the Agriculture & Natural Resources Department is to create a forum that entertains and educates the people of the 31st District Agricultural Association while showcasing the agriculture and natural resources of Ventura County, their interdependence and importance to our lives. If you eat food and wear clothes, you’re involved in agriculture! For more information, visit

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