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‘Listen To The Whisper’ Speaks to Souls of Readers

Author David Sample captures the promise and truth of life in his new collection of free verse and lyrical poetry, “Listen To The Whisper.”

Inspired by his own life and faith in God, Sample pulls inspiration from his personal experiences, including his successes, failures and life-altering decisions, to create moving, thought-provoking poetry. Readers will be inspired and encouraged to reflect on their lives.

“Listen to the Whisper”captures the imagination and brings insight to anyone searching for peace within themselves. It is an emotional collection of poetry that contains pearls of wisdom and will guide those who seek to deepen their spiritual journey. Sample’s book is truthfully written and heartfelt.

An excerpt from “Listen To The Whisper”:
“No greater battle is waged and won
Than the one from within the man
Who struggles to free himself
From the chains of self-doubt”

Readers are already responding positively to “Listen To The Whisper.” Jack McCall, founder of ACT Ministries, says, “David Sample’s contribution to each of us through this book is no doubt inspired by God. I highly recommend that all of David’s readers take time to listen to the whisper.”

About the Author
David Sample is a speaker, songwriter, singer, poet, author and sales guy. Through the arts, Sample opens the hearts of his audience to their full potential. A veteran of the Xerox Corporation and the Tom Peters Group, Sample knows the importance of discipline and heart in achieving extraordinary performance.

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