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Man Jailed Despite Alibi Showing Him Nowhere Near Murder

Corey Fallen

Corey Fallen

The night New Jersey stripper Denise Ramsey disappeared in 2011, she had been arguing with two men over money. She got into a car with them and wasn’t seen alive again.

Weeks later, in January 2012, an East Orange city worker found the 33-year-old woman’s remains under a mattress near a train underpass. She had been stabbed to death.

Two dancers working with Ramsey the night she vanished and the go-go club’s DJ told cops that year that they’d heard one of the men with Ramsey boasting of beating a murder rap in Atlanta, according to court records. In August, police showed them photos of men who had been accused in Atlanta killings, and one of the dancers and the DJ picked Corey Fallen’s picture.

Investigators thought they’d solved the case. Newark Detective Joseph Hadley and New Jersey State Police Sgt. Thomas McEnroe traveled to Atlanta, questioned Fallen and sampled his DNA. Fallen was arrested in October on charges of conspiracy to commit murder.

The only problem was that Fallen, now 33, was working hundreds of miles away on the night witnesses say he was in the New Jersey club with Ramsey. Ample evidence, including time sheets from the Atlanta restaurant where Fallen was a cook, proved his whereabouts.

Still, for six months, Fallen sat in jail. His letter to the judge finally spurred prosecutors to check his alibi and free him.

The final insult came when Fallen got slapped with a $30 court processing fee. He said he paid it just to end the ordeal.

“I never should have went through this,” Fallen said. And when he was freed from jail, he said, “there was no sense of joy or nothing. I knew I was coming home. It was just a matter of time.”
Fallen has filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Georgia, accusing police of violating his constitutional rights against unreasonable seizure and unlawful detention. The suit also accuses the Newark detective and state police sergeant of unlawful imprisonment and malicious prosecution.

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