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Micheal T. Hurley tells humorous tales behind police badge

Education--bookMOSSYROCK, Wash. – Micheal T. Hurley shares the rib-tickling and remarkable tales of the outstanding Oxnard, California, Police Department in his fiction novel featuring “OFFBEAT: With Oxnard’s Finest” (published by iUniverse). Originally published in July of 2014, this collection is set for a new marketing campaign.

In all professions, humor is often necessary to maintain sanity in the workplace. Cops everywhere have their stories; the retired police officers of the Oxnard Police Department are no exception. “OFFBEAT” details their unique tales which seem to grow each time they are retold, until few can offer an iron-clad guarantee that they are told today the way the stories actually unfolded then.

“In another sense, they represent the stories of all police departments everywhere for it is these stories that provide the perspective necessary for sanity in, at times, an insane world,” Hurley says. “Who wouldn’t wrap their arms around the fun-loving, real-life experiences of these warriors who kept us safe while we slept peacefully at night? Also, the book is interesting and humorous.”

Simply, “OFFBEAT” is the humor behind the badge, while reflecting the true and taxing experiences of officers. Hurley points out, “Police officers are real humans just like the people they protect. The only difference is that they’re willing to stand between the public and the evil that preys on it.”

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