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Missing 7-Year-Old with Autism Found Dead Near D.C. Home

Michael Kingsbury

Michael Kingsbury

Police have found the body of Michael Kingsbury, a 7-year-old with autism who went missing near his D.C. home.

Police say he was found inside a locked car behind a short fence on private property just two apartment buildings down from where he lived.

D.C. police and dozens of recruits went going door-to-door in the Trinidad neighborhood where Kingsbury was last seen.

Michael’s mother, Katrina Kingsbury, thanked the community for coming out to help with the search.

Many who helped look for the little boy just can’t imagine how they missed him.

“We were there four times,” said Gaston McVea, who was one of the dozens of people who helped search for Kingsbury after he disappeared. “That was our central location and somehow we missed this.”

Questions — about how Kingsbury died and how police and neighbors missed him during their search, among others — remain; Assistant Police Chief Peter Newsham said at a briefing that answers are being sought, reports the Washington Post:

The owner of the car was not immediately identified. A police source said that investigators were talking with the owner.

Newsham said it was not clear when the boy had entered the car, and he declined to say where in the vehicle the boy had been found. However, two police sources who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing said the body was on the floor of a locked sedan.

Newsham said police were assessing their search, trying to determine whether they had previously looked into the vehicle. Two police sources said that at least one officer had searched the sedan. Newsham declined to confirm that account but said that police were looking into it.

D.C. police have not deemed Kingsbury’s a death a homicide, but are not ruling out the possibility of foul play.

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