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Mobb Deep Announces New Album ‘The Infamous Mobb Deep,’ World Tour

Mobb Deep

Mobb Deep

By Ryan Kristobak 

East Coast hip-hop legends Mobb Deep (Havoc and Prodigy) recently announced that their eighth album, “The Infamous Mobb Deep,” is set to drop in spring of 2014. As if that weren’t enough, the upcoming releasing is a two-disc feature: not only will fans receive a full-on LP of fresh jams from the dirty duo, but also a digitally remastered cut of their 1995 record “The Infamous,” featuring 10 unreleased tracks from the album’s recording session (celebrating the 20th anniversary of the album’s recording).

In conjunction with the album, Mobb Deep will be cruising out on a 31-date tour across North America, kicking off Jan. 10 in San Diego. Then, after almost nine years, Mobb Deep will hit venues outside of the U.S., including a European tour this summer.

While things are looking up in 2014, it wasn’t long ago that the duo indefinitely split ways after a very public exchange of words. Havoc didn’t get into the gritty details of what fueled the beef, simply stating that he got mad at Prodigy, went “crazy” for a moment and said a lot of things he didn’t mean, forgetting the colossal power of platforms like Twitter.

“If you have beef with your brother, do it outside,” Havoc said, calling upon the word’s of his parents.

True to Havoc’s words that he handled it “like a chief,” Prodigy explained that his first reaction to his partner’s social media explosion was focused on trying to find a solution. Years of friendship and time helped healed the pair, receiving a big helping hand from their first love: the studio.

“Once you hear the rhymes … hear the first beat, all the beef is gone,” Prodigy said.

When asked about guest spots on the album, neither provided any names, but Havoc took the moment to share the artist with whom he is most eager to collaborate.

“I’m gonna set the bar high here: Beyonce,” he said.

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