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New Information Prompts Assemblyman Acosta to Renew Call for UC Subpoena

Assemblyman Dante Acosta

Assemblyman Dante Acosta

SACRAMENTO – Today, Assemblyman Dante Acosta (R-Santa Clarita) renewed his request for a subpoena of the University of California Office of the President (UCOP) in response to new information that UC staff may have violated the law by sharing responses to the State Auditor’s surveys.

In a letter to Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, Acosta and several Assembly Republican colleagues noted newly reported emails that indicated UC administrators shared their responses to confidential surveys at the request of UCOP. That may violate state law prohibiting any employee “that has assisted the office in the course of any audit” from sharing information about an ongoing audit.

“The only way UC students and parents can trust the university is if all the information surrounding the audit is made public,” said Acosta. “We cannot allow the students, parents and taxpayers to lose their trust in this institution. With greater transparency, the UC can be beyond reproach.”

Assembly Republicans first requested a legislative subpoena after an investigation by the State Auditor revealed that the UC Office of the President amassed secret slush funds of $175 million dollars while raising tuition and fees on students. During the course of the investigation, staff in the Office of the President censored campus administrators’ responses to auditor’s surveys and interfered with attempts to obtain accurate financial data.

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