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New Mobile App Guarantees Fluency in Any Language

Seln (Celine) which stands for “Simple Enough to Learn Now,” is a mobile app, designed to make the user fluent in any language. Seln is leveraging innovative technology and combining it with entertaining audio and video lessons, games and other features to create an engaging learning environment perfect for fluency.

“Since we live in a mobile and social world creating a platform for a person to be fluent in any language should be inexpensive, fast, and cool,” says 29-year old African-American tech CEO and Co-Founder Leonardo Hudson. “We know that there aren’t many products currently fulfilling the needs of the modern user; guaranteed fluency, reasonable price, cultural immersion, and a phenomenal user experience. Our team is proud to build something that will make the world awesome.”

Seln is taking pre-orders starting at $25 for a limited time only at Indiegogo ( and hosting an exclusive demo day for some users who pre-order early. Already creating a lot of buzz, Seln is currently in the development phase with a beautiful app design and a launch date set for the end of this year.

Seln was created out of the desire to bring a fresh approach to a stagnant industry while guaranteeing a solution for an important life skill for everyone worldwide. Seln is breaking the barrier to fluency by paving the road where technology and languages meet. Obsessed with excellence and having a superior product. Seln is creating an atmosphere where fluency will happen.

Seln is focused on making the user fluent in as little as three months, with complete fluency being reached in a span of 9-12 months.

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