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New Novel Pits Young Heroine Against Demons and More

‘Darkness Within’ from Shiva Eversor takes the idea of demons and asks ‘what if?’

In her new novel “Darkness Within: Beginning of the End” (published by AuthorHouse) author Shiva Eversor carries readers into a fantasy world of harrowing adventure.

“Darkness Within” is the story of a young girl, Aisling, who has her universe turned upside down. Kidnapped, afraid and confused, she fights to keep her sanity in a place that may as well have been hell. In the midst of the madness she begins to develop feelings for one of her captors. Is this the first sign of madness or something else?
An excerpt from “Darkness Within”:

“Roots crawled out of the ground and wrapped themselves around my arms, effectively rendering my top half completely immobile. I tried to struggle free but the more I struggled the more noticeable were the spikes that grew out of the roots and dug into my skin.

He grabbed my chin to hold me in place as he stared into my eyes, then as he turned his attention to the rest of my face, he ran his clawed fingers over my lips. Unable to think of anything better to do, I leant forward and bit him as hard as I could.”

In “Darkness Within” Eversor is trying to turn genre conventions on their heads. “Everyone goes on about demons wanting nothing, but to do others harm. What if that wasn’t strictly true?” she asks. “What if, perhaps, that was just the opinion of those who hated the idea of not being on top?”

About the Author
Shiva Eversor is the mother of two girls and lives in the U.K. She began writing stories as a hobby, something to pass the time in the evenings as she relaxed. She has written, but never published, one or two stories for her girls and they seemed to love them. Since childhood, she has loved reading, writing, art, photography and other creative activities.

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