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New Poetry Book Shares Author’s Perspective on Life

Author Sharon A. White shares her perspective on life in her new book of poetry, “Pretty from the Back” (published by AuthorHouse).

In her book, White shares anecdotal poems about growing up a black woman in a society where stereotypes, racism and social class bias were rampant. White says she writes poetry in an attempt to express her concern for other black women experiencing similar situations.

White’s perspective on life fills her poetry with stories of inner strength, love loss, gain and hurt, and how loving each other opens the door for readers of all backgrounds The topics in her poetry book range from body image issues to intimate relationships to religious faith.

White hopes her poetry can show readers a side to black women they haven’t before seen, and inspire those readers to live life more aware of their actions, and reactions, to others.

An excerpt from “Pretty from the Back”:
“Another Mother heart has broken
Knowing she has lost
He has attacked her heart for years
Practice, Practice
Another black son has lost his way”

About the Author
Sharon A. White writes poetry to express her hidden fears, her love for family and friends, and to show her personal growth.

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