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New Trinity Community Church “No Man Left Behind” Men’s Breakfast Oxnard, CA

The men of New Trinity Community Church attend “No Man Left Behind” Men’s Breakfast (Photo Credit: Crittenden Ward)

On Saturday, September 7, 2013, the men of New Trinity Community Church (formerly Trinity Missionary Baptist Church), located at 315 N. Anita Avenue, held a “No Man Left Behind” Men’s Breakfast. The breakfast was a part of the 2013 Band of Brothers’ (Men’s Day) Celebration. Keynote speaker was the Honorable Deacon Joe C. Brown of St. Paul Baptist Church in Oxnard. The focal scripture for this affair was Genesis 4:9 — Then the Lord said to Cain, “Where is your brother?” He said, “I do not know. Am I my brother’s keeper?”

The facilitator for the program was Deacon Lawrence Lee. He opened the program with devotion, singing “This is the Day that the Lord has Made,” followed by the reading of Psalm 133 and prayer. After comments from Rev. Carlos D. Speights, Senior Pastor, the men retreated to the fellowship hall for breakfast. The meal was prepared by Sis. Inez Lanns and Sis. Dorothy McDuffy. It was a real “down home” fest with a variety of menu choices to satisfy even the most demanding of culinary tastes. The program resumed after breakfast.

Rev. Speights presented the keynote speaker. In his introductory remarks, he discussed the concepts of “No Man Left Behind” mentioning that it was their desire that the momentum of the program would spread throughout the city.

Speaking from Genesis 4:1-9 on the subject of “Am I My Brother’s Keeper?”, Deacon Brown was thorough, replete with scripture reference and contrast to everyday living.

“We are to serve one another. In our worship, we should always show our respect for God. God is to be worshipped – everywhere and all the time,” said Deacon Brown.

“Part of our worship is giving God our very best and also that which is due Him: our tithes – 10% of all that He has given us. The difference between the offerings of Cain and Abel and why God had respect for Abel’s offering is because it came from his heart. What are you willing to give and how far are you willing to go for a brother in need.”

Deacon Brown continued, “We need each other. Each one of us has a purpose. We must determine our purpose and then set to fulfill it?”

The talk was followed by a lively raffle where names were drawn and various prizes awarded. The program concluded with Rev. Speights explaining the meaning of the camouflaged tee shirts with “No Man Left Behind” written across the front. Essentially, reclaiming the men of God is spiritual warfare against the devil.

New Trinity Community Church is truly a “community” church. Come, visit and you will leave glad that you did and blessed from the experience.

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