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New York Life Insurance Company Hosts Multi-Cultural Market Conference in Orlando

Monica Contreras (Corp. VP Target Market Media), Guy Walker, Ahmad Givens, Mark Pfaff (Exec. VP), and Jane Conti (Photo Courtesy of Guy R. Walker)

Recently, Oxnard businessman and Ventura County Alumni Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity member, Guy R. Walker ventured to Orlando, Florida to be the keynote speaker at the annual New York Life Insurance Company Multi-Cultural Market Conference. The conference is designed to provide professional development to the more than 1,500 agent-advisers who attended. The conference is three days of sales strategies and motivational speakers designed to inspire these professionals to serve the retirement, business succession, estate and charitable-giving needs of their respective communities.

Walker took a friend and client, Ahmad Givens, with him to share center stage to emphasize the importance of living a “purposeful” life and planning early. Ahmad Givens is a Reality TV celebrity and musician who 18 months ago, at the young age of 33, was diagnosed with stage 4 colon/rectal cancer. As a husband and father of a young 4 year old child, Givens says that he was grateful for the planning that he had previously done with Walker which included purchasing a significant amount of life insurance. “The last thing that I needed to be worrying about as I battled this cancer was what would happen to my wife and son if I were not here to provide for them”, Givens says. Givens is doing better but is still battling cancer.

Walker says, “my goal is to affect transformative change in individuals, families and communities. We are showing families and communities how they can transform the economics of a people for generations to come through smart planning and understanding how tools like life insurance can create wealth unlike any other financial asset.” He goes on to say that “[he] sees communities like Oxnard having the ability to create a $1 billion endowment to provide for the educational, health and economic needs of every child and adult in the community who needs that support.

Walker and Givens have had several invitations to speak to groups as a result of their presentation in Orlando. For more information about creating generational wealth and legacy planning or about Guy Walker and Ahmad Givens, you may do so or (805) 693-1773.

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