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Obtaining Your Place – Inez Knows

Inez Lanns

Inez Lanns

By Inez Lanns

Everyone loves peace.  Everyone loves happiness.  Everyone loves prosperity.  And everyone loves success.  Or do they?  Do people truly love and desire those things?  Or do they like the thought of obtaining them?  What peace is to one may not be peace to another.  For instance, the beach could produce serenity for one person while it is just messy sand and noise to another.  Success may mean a lot of money to one person while a healthy family and home life is to another.  Once you define what you believe peace, happiness, prosperity and success will look like, the next step is to seek them and do what you must to find them.

When you look at your life and your actions, are you doing taking the necessary steps to obtain and maintain true peace, happiness, prosperity and success?  A major issue for some people who have sought after what other people have told them “happiness,” etc. means are often left unfulfilled. Their definition of “happiness” is relative to their individual experience and is suppose to be for them, but not for that certain individual.  When they later find out that someone else’s happiness is not for them, they may feel a sense of loss or confusion at why “happiness” seems fleeting or unobtainable.  It is best to follow your own path in life and stay in your own lane in life, even if people are not walking the path with you.  It’s funny we tell people to be themselves, but then when they are themselves they are often ridiculed for not conforming to what everyone else is doing.

Do you know what it is that you want to accomplish?  Do you know where you would like to go?  Do you know what steps need to be taken to get there?  If you are taking those steps to get to where you would like to be, kudos to you!  However, I am finding that many people do not even know where to start.  Many people have taken the direction that others have told them to take, and at some point find that they are traveling someone else’ path and not their own.  If you do not know your purpose, start with what you are passionate about, where you find interest, skills & talents that you possess.  From there find out about things that you can do – education, career, volunteer opportunities -that go with what you have a passion, interest, skills and talent in.  Come up with an action plan to get those things.  Make a list of goals – what you would like to accomplish within one month, one year, another for five years and another for what you would like to see in ten years.  Looking at the long term can be a bit much for those that are dealing with some tough situations and circumstances.  To those people, I will say:  try to get where you are going one day at a time; one moment at a time if you need to.  It has been said it takes 7 days to break a habit, 3 weeks to form a new one and 3 months to form a new lifestyle.

All people long for a sense of fulfillment, but we may go about it differently.   Let’s just make sure we’re not competing against each other for those them!  If people choose to humble themselves and not only care about their own agenda, they would find that having a bigger and better team could take them further.  The specific goals will indeed vary.  However, we could collaborate and each benefit from the efforts of others strengths and expertise, thereby reaching our indivudal and  the greater common goals of the team.  We don’t have lose focus on what we are doing in order to team up.  If we put together our brain power, our resources, our efforts and our energy, the possibilities could be endless and one could see an excelleration of achievement that might take longer alone.  We can all get to where we are going a lot faster if we would work together.  We could ALL win through self actualization and a focus on benefitting our community and thereby the world in the process. Inez Lanns was born and raised in Ventura County.  She currently runs an Internet Marketing & Communications business called Inez Knows.  She also writes on her blog on her web site:

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