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Paula Deen Meet My Black Friend … If You Can See Him!

Paula Deen

By Eben Gregory

Paula Deen was out to prove she wasn’t a racist back in 2012 and she did so by bringing in her hard-to-see Black friend.

Reports TMZ:

Paula was speaking with the New York Times and explained how her great-grandfather was devastated when the Civil War ended because he couldn’t figure out how to run his plantation without “help” — aka slaves.

Paula then plays show and tell with her friend, Hollis Johnson, who is “black as that board” (her words) while pointing to the background.
At one point she hollers, “Come out here Hollis. We can’t see you standing against that dark board.”

How did she have the foresight to play the “Black friend” card before it became necessary?
And now, Paula introduces her “Black friend.”

The 66-year-old maven of deep fried Southern cooking was fired Friday from the Food Network amid revelations from a lawsuit that she repeatedly used the ‘n-word’ and abruptly canceled a scheduled interview on the morning show earlier that day as the controversy brewed.

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