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Photography & Life – The Mind Matters

Patricia Lynn Belkowitz, C.Ht., EFT-CC

By Patricia Lynn Belkowitz, C.Ht., EFT-CC

Many years ago, I met a man who was to become a mentor to me, not only as an artist and a photographer, but as a human being. His motto, which hangs above the blackboard in his classroom states simply, “Comfort is your Enemy”. Being “comfortable” is the same as being stagnant. We miss opportunities. If we don’t move out of our comfort zone, there is no forward motion. No creative flow.

Life is a lot like photography. In order to capture the moment and to get the results we want…

Sometimes we need to change our point of view – to look at things from different perspectives.
Sometimes we need to focus in really close on the details…and
Sometimes we need to step back to see the big picture – the whole picture – in order to get a more balanced perception.
Sometimes we need to step up to a challenge and take a risk…and
Sometimes we need to step out of the way.
Sometimes we need to put our focus on the important things and let the insignificant things blur out in the background…or fade away.
Sometimes we need to become aware of something we’ve missed… and
Sometimes we need to know when to ask for help.

But ALWAYS we need to take ACTION or the opportunity is lost! And the actions we take create a lasting impression on this experience …this series of moments we call “life”.

We take actions every moment of the day; most of them subconsciously motivated. Are you aware that your behaviors are directed and controlled by your subconscious mind and your past programming?  Your conscious awareness is only effective for about 90 minutes. After that your behavior is dictated by the “knowns” of your subconscious mind… the 88% of your mind that makes the decisions about your actions, as well as your re-actions.

When we change our focus or move in a different direction (even just a little bit!!!) we change our experience. We change our habits…our relationships…our health…our prosperity…our life.

What actions are you taking to create your life… your image of success and happiness? What opportunities, or lack of opportunities, are you creating by the actions you are taking? Take a moment to consider all aspects of your life…your health and level of physical fitness; your mental acuity and ability to focus and concentrate; your financial stability; your sense of emotional well-being; your level of joy and happiness in your relationship with self and others; and your spiritual life.

Ask yourself this question …Right now, what is the one thing I could…start doing…stop doing…or do differently…that would most improve the quality of my life? When you have identified that one action that would create a better life…tell yourself that you can do it. And then just do it! Capture the moment!

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