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Police Video Shows Brothers Beaten, Tased, Then Charged

Brandi Fisher

Brandi Fisher

By Christian Morrow

After seeing a police video that was kept under wraps for months, Black Political Empowerment Project President Tim Stevens has asked Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen A. Zappala to drop assault charges filed against two brothers arrested in Homewood last July.

The video shows police stopping and detaining 20-year-old Will El and his 18-year-old brother as they exited a confectionary in Homewood.

“We then saw what appeared to be Officer (Frank) Welling slamming Will El against the wall.

Anyone watching the video can clearly see Officer Welling putting on his black gloves immediately before this action took place.  In light of the fact that these men were being compliant, I personally found this quite troubling. Even more troubling was the tasing of 18-year-old Beyshaud El, when he stood up to question why his brother was being slammed against the wall.  Bayshaud was tased until he was unconscious.”

After being beaten and Tasered, the brothers were then charged with felony assault. Their trial, which was supposed to begin Feb. 3, was postponed after Lt. Rayne Kacsuta, who initiated the stop, became ill.

Tim Stevens

Tim Stevens

Brandi Fisher, founder of the Alliance for Police Accountability, arranged for the public viewing of the video, which was attended by around 50 people including the El brothers, Jordon Miles, Leon Ford, and Dennis Henderson–all of whom have been either wrongly detained, beaten or shot by police during recent arrests.

Fisher said she too is writing a formal request for Zappala to drop the charges.

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